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DGS&D Rate Contracts

DGS&D Rate Contract

DGS&D is tasked primarily with fixing Rate Contracts (RC) for common user items required by various Government organizations through an online e-procurement portal. Presently, it is being managed by two organized Group ‘A’ Services namely Indian Supply Service and Indian Inspection Service. DGS&D Rate Contracts are used by Central Government Ministries / Departments, PSUs and State Governments.

It further enables Just in Time availability of supplies for inventory management and availability of quality goods with full quality assurance back-up.

Available rate contracts:


  • R.C. No: Oscope/IT-3/RC-D2040000/0317/83/OC017/2212

Signal Generators

  • R.C. No: RF SGFG/IT-4/RC-D2050000/0317/84/OC017/1824

Spectrum Analyzers & Network Analyzer

  • R.C. No: S_ANA/IT-4/RC-D2060000/0317/84/OC017/1818

General Testing - Handheld Oscilloscope

  • R.C. No: GENTESTING/IT-4/RC-D2090000/0417/84/OC017/2208

Signal Analyzers

  • R.C. No: SIGNAL_ANA/IT-4/RC-D2080000/0516/84/OC017/1812
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